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2016_Logo_7_22_15Join us at our 51st Annual Conference  

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Albuquerque, New Mexico: 310 days of sunshine, and inspirational blue skies spanning four distinct seasons. Airport ease – the Sunport is a passenger friendly, beacon of hospitality with numerous daily flights from anywhere, and only minutes from any Albuquerque destination. Drive time around the city is 15 minutes or less. Culture and Heritage – Albuquerque’s one-of-a-kind Southwestern culture is in everything around you, from the quaint shops, Pueblo- and Spanish-inspired architecture and world-famous cuisine, to the music and art. In every way possible, the past seamlessly weaves through the fabric of present-day Albuquerque, making it a truly culturally rich American destination.

Recommendations from past conference participants:

  • This brings peer managers together with very similar goals, issues and challenges. I strongly believe that the informal discussions that occur all over the 4 days are the highlight of what I take back.  I can’t think of any in-plant that would not benefit from this event.  All things considered, it is priced reasonably and well worth the cost.
  •  I recommend the conference frequently to both University in-plant managers, and equipment vendor’s. For the most part we all have the same issues because we all work for academic institutions. I feel it provides an efficient use of institutional funds towards managerial development.




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