Keynote Session: The Shifting Role of the In-plant Print Operation, Ken Macro, PH.D. Dept. Chair, Graphic Communications, Cal Poly State University

The in-plant printing industry and the supporting workforce contained within it are experiencing a colossal paradigmatic shift. With lessened demand for traditional printed media in-plants expand into multiple auxiliary services including wide format printing, specialty printing, web development, app-design, to name just a few. The needs of the workforce have also changed in a computer-immersed world. Operations are finding unskilled labor and training them from within in order to keep up with the changing technology. Whether you are you in front of the curve or being left behind, this session will provide in-sight into possibilities.

About Ken Macro: Ken is the department chair and professor in the Graphic Communication Department at The California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. He leads courses in marketing and sales, print production management, post-press processes, and introduction to graphic communication. He specializes in product development, Lean manufacturing, knowledge management, and sustainability. He is an avid bibliophile and has an affinity for print history and incunabula. Prior to academia, he was the director for Reprographics, Mailing and Shipping Services at both Cal Poly and The University of Akron and has held various sales and management roles in the graphic communication and health care industries.

Keynote Session: Oh, Shift!, Jennifer Powers, MCC, M.S. Sociology

This session will provide you with concrete tools and strategies to step into a more positive, empowered mindset and make positive changes that stick. How do you deal with change and the stress that comes with it? You’ll leave understanding how to hold you and your staffs accountable for the real successes that you can make happen. Jennifer’s dynamic and interactive style makes this session an entertaining, educational and thought-provoking experience for everyone…all are guaranteed to leave the session as bona fide shift heads! 

About Jennifer Powers: Jennifer earned her Master’s Degree in Sociology from the University of Houston and received her training and certification from Coach Training Alliance. In January of 2016, Jennifer received her MCC (Master Certified Coach), the highest earned credential from the International Coach Federation, which puts her in the top 4% of coaches worldwide. Jennifer is a highly sought after coach, trainer, and author. She is a leading expert in helping professionals improve their confidence and competence so they can live and work at their full potential. Jennifer’s dynamic and interactive style makes this session an entertaining, educational and thought-provoking experience for everyone.

Marketing Your Services to Your Institution -Learn how your colleagues are keeping their customer base informed about current service offerings. Just as important is keeping your upper administration informed about the value you add to the institution. You’ll hear about ways to market your institution through staff meetings and open houses, training sessions and satisfaction surveys. Your bosses are more interested in the savings you provide to departments and the satisfaction that your customers have with you. Step out of your in-plant and sell your operation on campus.

Wide Format Applications - In this Break-out Session, in plant representatives will discuss the variety of wide format equipment in this rapidly growing area of printing. Discussions will include wide format substrates and pricing, and how to market this segment of your business.  

Utilizing Students in Your Operation- How do you become entwined in the fabric of your institution and its mission of education? Involve the students in your workforce. How do you integrate them into your operation, train them in your technologies, and turn this into a positive strategy for all involved. 

In-plant Success Stories - ACUP members will share their operations’ strategic plans for growth. How are they saving institutions time and money while showing benefits? How are they re-inventing operations and changing goals and strategies to stay relevant to institutional demands? You’ll leave with some ideas to make your operation a success story. 

Strategic Planning - This session will discuss the building of a business plan around offering new services. How do you develop a solution, present it to a customer, and justify equipment expenditure and approval. Not only do you need to review strategic pricing, but then implement the plan. It requires a well thought out avenue for growth and you can make the next step in improving your operation.            

Customer Service - Perception is everything, how are your customers feeling about the service you provide?  How do you engage your staff to give the ultimate feel good experience we all want when interacting with a service representative or even a website remotely. Measuring key components such as making the order entry process easy, good communications, meeting deadlines, and delivering a quality product provide a benchmark for continued success.

Revenue (and Marketing) Strategies - How do you roll out a new service offering, present it to a customer(s), and justify equipment expenditure and gain approval for the purchase. You’ll need to review strategic pricing that the new service needs by researching internal and competitive marketing factors. Implementation is another key element, staff training and customer facing elements will be critical in the planning process.

Pricing Your Services - Each area of your operation should be considered a cost center, tracked and priced accordingly. Administrative, billing, and customer service functions are built into overhead costs but every other function in the operational chain should be recorded as labor and supplies into the price for end services. Do you know what your product costs and what your percentage of ROI on the end result are? You should and this session will provide insights into monitoring your budget.

Bindery and Finishing - With output technology changes and aging equipment, many managers find themselves shopping for new bindery and finishing equipment. This Break-out Session will discuss recent equipment purchases, what factors led up to the decision for replacement or addition, and satisfaction with the set-up, production flow optimization and ROI.  

Merging Print & Mail Services - Do you oversee your campus mail center, or might you be doing so in the future?  If so, you won’t want to miss this discussion about mailing technology, integration with the print operation, cross-training of staff, and what to watch for in USPS regulation changes. Participants will also learn where in the production cycle certain functions should take place and how to best work with and manage databases.

USPS Changes in Regulations If you thought the IRS were the initials of fear, what about the ever changing USPS regulations and finding the facts in the DMM (Domestic Mail Manual). This session will update you on the latest changes and what you need to do to alter your post-production process to get the most out of discounted mail rates. 

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