Lake Tahoe Destination Information

Affects of High Altitudes. Lake Tahoe is at an elevation of 6,300 feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains and everyone is affected by altitude to some degree. Most Americans live well below a 1,000 foot elevation. As you go to higher altitudes, the barometric pressure decreases, the air is thinner and less oxygen is available. The air is also drier and the ultraviolet rays from the sun are stronger. You may decrease the effects of high altitude by following these recommendations:

  • Increase fluid intake. Drink two or three times more fluid than usual; water and juices are best; adequate hydration is the key to preventing altitude illness. 
  • Avoid alcohol and minimize caffeine on your day of arrival and one to two days thereafter. Be very careful consuming alcohol and remember, at high altitudes, you may be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol and sedatives.
  • Exercise - for those that will walk, run, bike, hike you may want to shorten your activities or be aware of the decrease in oxygen and how it may effect your routine.
What to Pack / Wear.  Our conference attire is business casual. For the Wednesday evening dinner gala it is suggested that more formal attire is worn though it is not required. Sunglasses, sun screen, and lip balm/chap stick are all recommended.  Companions: Comfortable walking shoes, layer clothing, bring a sweater or light jacket. 


NOTE: Jacket, picture taken in September 2017.

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