General Session: Bob Neubauer, In-plant Impressions ~ Industry Trends ~ In-plant Impressions, our industry publication, often provides industry trends using surveys and other data resources that help us understand the evolving market and service trends across the country. Bob Neubauer has often presented at ACUP+ in the past and provides detailed analysis to use and digest for your operational choices.

Keynote: Juli Burney, Heartfelt Dealings with Difficult People ~This presentation specifically outlines strategies on how to cope with a variety of difficult people through communication training and role playing. Participants will learn how their intellect and emotions work together to affect perception, expectations, and interpersonal communication. Understanding your mind means understanding your strengths and weaknesses, giving you the tools to put your best foot forward in any situation. Your humor can go a long way in diffusing difficult situations.

Keynote: Celina Peerman,  PhD., Navigating the Workplace Matrix ~ This presentation will provide insight on campus organizational structures and how they affect your operation and communication style. We often deal with change at the top, change of reporting structure, and mission directional change. Learn how to keep your compass steady and understand how to navigate through the changes you’ll sometimes have to deal with.

Break-out: Recruiting Good Workers ~ Recruitment, reputation and rapport are strategies for hiring students and staff members. Is your shop one of the most desirable places to work or intern on campus? How can you find the best qualified, most skilled workers to share your permanent staff's vision for success? This session will share strategies for developing an effective workforce, either fluid with student workers or permanent employees, perhaps starting with student workers and word of mouth.

Break-out: How to Be a Hero: In-plant Success StoriesThis session gives attendees ideas about increasing your leverage on campus, such as volunteer opportunities, committee work, administrators hearing about your contributions to the campus community and student involvement. If you are an active participant in your college's goals and mission statement, it could be the difference maker you need to receive approval on expansion, new equipment purchase approval, career promotion, and all the good things that come with inclusion. ACUP+ members will share how are they re-inventing operations and changing goals and strategies to stay relevant to institutional demands.

Break-out: Marketing Your Services ~ Do you host open-houses for your customers to view your operation? Do you attend other division’s departmental staff meetings to explain your service offerings? Training sessions through Human Resources to share file preparation tips, print speak definitions, economic mailing tips? How do you implement a new service offering, present it to your customers, and continue selling the service?  Are you doing customer surveys? This session will explore various operations tactics for good customer relations and marketing your in-plants services.

Break-out: Bench-marking Metrics: What and Why? ~ You need to be tracking many metrics to determine your operations overall health. These include equipment outputs, employee production time per job, sales by department, and spoilage to name a few. This session will cover some of the benchmarks you should be watching, what you should be following internally, and what you should share at on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis with upper administration. If outsourcing rears its head on your campus, do you have the numbers to prove your value?

Break-out: Wide Format 101 ~ In session in plant representatives will discuss advantages of wide-format digital technology, provide an introduction to the printing and finishing technologies used, and provide insight into most popular product and market areas. Discussion will include types of equipment to look at for the applications / services to offer and size of equipment to consider. 

Break-out: Pricing Your Services with Confidence ~ Do you feel confident that you are selling your products and services at the price point that reasonably covers all costs while allowing for equipment replacement funds and staying competitive in your marketplace? This session will cover the basics for developing your pricing strategy. Understanding all equipment costs, on-going maintenance and supply costs, administrative overhead you are paying (rent, utilities, janitorial and other support fees), along with labor expense all must be factored in. Then, price comparison to the regional markets selling costs are an additional element to consider. This session will be a 101 on reviewing pricing strategies. A follow-up roundtable session will include other operations pricing points and strategies.

Break-out: How to Partner with Purchasing ~ We all have to deal with Procurement - whether it is for equipment, supplies, contractual services, or out-sourcing print projects. This session will explain the best partnering techniques you can use to make the process as simple as possible under specific policies and also provide the successful outcome you need to operate to your ultimate potential.

Break-out: Wide Format Hands on Application Techniques ~ In-plant representatives will demonstrate various techniques for applying wide format to a variety of surfaces such as flat glass, ridged architectural surface walls, and curved surfaces such as on a vehicle. They will explain why they are doing the application for professional results and what not to do – avoid the bubbles and whoops-be-gone moments. Get ready to have some fun and maybe assist in the demo.

Break-out: Mailing Services 101 ~ This session will be an introduction to what the different classes of mail mean, how you can assist your customer in timely and efficient point A to point B content delivery, and providing the one stop service that needs to be bridged between the print production output and delivery side of the operation. Whether you are integrated with your mailing, separate, or possibly merging in the future it is necessary for you and our customer service staff to have basic knowledge.

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